Shades and hues, tints and tones, the world is an exciting place owing to its vivid and brilliant colors that fill this planet. I have always been fascinated with the blend of shimmer and color. This fascination led me to dive deeper into the world of rainbows, hearts, stars, and glitters. I was inspired by my own little princess, Zoey, to create an alluring collection of children’s attire.

My zest for constant creativity and talent in design has resulted in the founding of this popular store-from-home shopping concept, that offers vibrantly colored kids apparel and accessories. Our online store, ‘Purple Bean’  offers a wide range of handcrafted and personalized products that will surely bring joy to your little one. We have a variety of adorable, pastel-colored apparel, and an assortment of rainbow-inspired accessories, from hair clips to alphabet keychains. So stop by, and delve into the enchanting world of ‘Purple Bean’!