Evil Eye Rakhi

Evil Eye Rakhi

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Evil Eye Rakhi


These Rakhis are perfect. Attached with soft gold and silver thread. They evil eye charm comees in a 1.25” in diameter which makes it perfect for a little baby and even an adult. 

It can also be used as : Bookmark, Charm that can me carried n you wallet or kids bags, can be converted into a fridge magnet if you’re crafty or used as a bracelet after you’ve used it as a rakhi.

Each color has its own significance. Please read below and choose accordingly:

Red Evil Eye: Courage, Enthusiasm, Confidence & Protection from fears and anxiety.

Orange Evil Eye: Happiness, Spicing things up, Increased Creativity & becoming more involved.

Yellow Evil Eye: Good Health, Decision Making, Sharper Memory & Relief from panic or anxiety.

Green Evil Eye: Success, Good Health, Relaxation, Increased personal power.

Blue Evil Eye: Karma & Fate Protection, General protection, Open flow of communications.

Purple Evil Eye: Re-Balance life, removes obstacles, boosts your imagination.

Pink Evil Eye: Protects the friendship, Neutralise Disorders, Contentment & makes you feel calm.


Choose one or choose all.

You can gift the rest to your brother and tie one.

Or, use it on all your brothers by choosing the appropriate colors.